The church spoken of in the Bible is organized under the spiritual headship of Christ (Mat. 16:18; Col. 1:18, 24).

Elders, or bishops, or pastors (1 Pet. 5:1-4) oversee and shepherd each separate local church (Phil. 1:1).

Deacons (or servants) are assigned to specific programs or works (Acts 6:1-7) of the church under the leadership of the elders. 

There are also those who minister (serve) in evangelism, who teach and preach God's word (2 Tim. 1:11; 4:5).

This organization for the church (Rom. 16:16) is the only pattern (2 Tim. 1:13) that can be found and is authorized in scripture, and we try to please God and our Savior Jesus Christ by following His plan for His church (Mat. 28:18; John 14:15).



John Cooper


Keith Hammonds


Tim Simpson


Jere Spurlin


Dan Whitson




Sam Allison

Area of Work: Tracts


A.C. Connor

Area of Work: Membership Involvement


Allan Dillard

Area of Work: Visitation Outreach


Richard Dobbs



Dickie Goode


Andy Harrison

Area of Work: Media, Audio, Video, Computer, and Information Technology


Tom Inman

Area of Work: Public Relations and Advertising


Jimmy Jeffreys

Area of Work: Finance & Insurance



Mike Pirtle

Area of Work: Security & Member Safety


Doyle Rochester

Area of Work: Benevolence


Randall Terry

Area of Work: Building & Grounds


Steve Underwood

Area of Work: Hospitality & Membership Care




Howard Gibson

Area of Work: Electronic Billboard


Robert Guinn

Area of Work: Education (Adults)


Mark Henderson

Area of Work: Website




Alan Watkins

Pulpit Minister



Robert Guinn

Outreach Minister



Cody Michael

Outreach Minister