Note: Clicking on any of the icons on this page will direct you away from this website. Also, Decatur Church of Christ does not endorse all of the views espoused on these websites. Please use your Holy Bible to come to your own conclusions based on good Bible study techniques. We provide these links only to assist you in your search for Biblical truths.

Apologetic's Press                     Scriptural and Scientifically Accurate Bible Defenses

Bible Hub                                   Online Bible Study Suite
E-Sword                                         Free Bible Study Software
Christian Chronicle                      An International Newspaper for churches of Christ

Gospel Broadcasting Network   "Broadcasting the truth and nothing but the truth,

                                                           24 hours a day, seven days a week"

Gospel Gazette Online                 Serving an international readership with the old Jerusalem Gospel via the Internet

Hobbs Publications                      Gospel Tracts and Books
House to House / Heart to Heart Seeking to Seek and Save the Lost Through Direct Mail

In Search of the Lord's Way    Bible Television Programs, TV Schedule and Viewable Online,

                                                       by Mack Lyon & Phil Sanders

The International Gospel Hour      Spreading the Gospel of Christ Over the Airwaves and the Internet

A Legacy of Faith                       "Helping you survive today, plan for tomorrow, and always consider eternity."

                                                        Sharing Biblical and encouraging content for you and your family.

The Old Paths Archive              A depository of religious articles, sermons, poems, books, and theses

                                                       by members of churches of Christ.  Also: Learn Koine Greek!

Old Paths Pulpit                         Short Audio and Written Sermons Dedicated to the "Old Paths" of the Scriptures

                                                       (including School of Bible Emphasis History and Lessons)                               Free Bible Class Material, Sermon Outlines, Reference Materials

The Preacher's Vault              "Dedicated to bringing old time preaching to a new generation".

                                                      Preacher Bios and Audio including: Franklin Camp, Winfred Clark,

                                                     Hugo McCord, Thomas B. Warren, Bobby Duncan, Roy J. Hearn,

                                                     Frank D. Young, Guy N. Woods, Marshall Keeble, Wendell Winkler,

                                                     and a host of others

Project Rescue                            A Faith Based Addiction Recovery Program   

Sain Publications                       Class Material, Books, Tracts, Study Helps

Thy Word Is Truth                   Thousands of pages of detailed class notes, hundreds of hours of audio and video

                                                      lessons, and answers to your Bible questions. 

TV Bible Study                          Over 120 Free Video Bible and Bible History Lessons