Local Missions and Outreach

Local Missions and Outreach

Local Missions and Outreach

Person in Charge: Tony Edwards

The purpose of this ministry is to promote growth in our relationship with the Lord, relationship within the congregation and outreach to the lost.

This ministry will:

Evangelize the lost

  • Create an awareness of the need for evangelism with an evangelism class.
  • Train a team for the purposes of door knocking and Bible studies.

Build Up and Strengthen Austinville

  • Create programs to build relationships among members.
    1. Focus on family
    2. Focus on children
    3. Focus on fellowship among members
  • Get members more involved together in the work of the church.
  • Visit new members and encourage potential members.
  • Seek to restore erring members.

Be Servants to Our Communities Serving Schools

  • Serve our communities by serving...
    1. Individual families
    2. Schools
    3. Nursing homes
    4. Charity functions
    5. Disaster relief and the like